Sustainability is core to our brand and the choices we makeā€¦

Piazza D'Oro cares about sustainability and wants to contribute to a better world for people and for nature. We are committed to reducing waste production and minimising our carbon footprint with the following initiatives:

  • Locally roasted blends
  • Choice of the Rainforest Alliance responsbily sourced as well as ACO Certified Organic blends
  • Range of Biocup® certified compostable take away cups and lids

As the number one pure play coffee and tea business, JDE Peets, is privileged to be touching the lives of millions of people daily - from earth to bean and from bean to cup and with this comes the opportunity to be able to make a large impact worldwide through our focus on Sustainability.

Our Common Grounds Program focuses on those issues where we can have the greatest impact: responsible sourcing, minimised footprint and connected people.